Monday, March 12, 2012

We are doing great and serving the way we feel the Lord would have us serve; yes there are challenges but it wouldn't be a mission if we didn't have some challenges.  The picture with Norece is with Brother Mario Sosa the Elders quorum President and Norece is his first councilor.  They have become very close friends and they have also walked this community so much trying to find members;  if they are still here, still members, have moved or died . Out of the 500 on the records of the Branch they have found 160 or so who many of them have moved and they even found some that have died.  So they have found success.  The other pictures are of the Elders in our District in our apartment after eating lunch; yes the one elder is eatin cole slaw; the other pictures are of our Branch Presidents family when they came and made chocolate chip cookies in our apartment(pension). No they don't have brown sugar here it is negra asugar (black sugar) very sweet so the recipe had to be altered some.    Nivla is learning how to serve in the Relief Society  presidency as first councilor; serving isn't the problem, we are still speaking Spanglish with the help of Norece.   We are still in the heat of the Summer which should last another 2 or 3 weeks and then a different weather is supposed to appear.  The gospel is true and we know we are here for purpose and we are finding many of the Saints working so hard to live the way the Lord would have them live.  We had a multil stake training yesterday in Cordoba which lasted 4 hours; learned alot and now come back to try to impliment it all.   We send our love home an pray all are well and happy. 
Love Elder and Hermana Hatch

New Pictures from recent baptisms and life.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The pictures  are from severeal events!  A Baptism done in a pool; pictures of a castle and river in Capilla del Monte the community which we go to on Sunday evenings which is 37 miles away. The Elder with us is Elder Marcelo Espiritu Santo from Brazil and his name is The Holy Ghost in spanish.
The other pictures are of our walk this morning February 13th with the little river that runs through Cruz Del Eje.  The picture of the cars and trucks show a little minnie tied up with them, and you see horses tied up alot by the river. Hope you enjoy our world. 

zone conference walks in cruz del eje

Monday, January 23, 2012

additional pictures that didn't make the first group.

January 23, 2012

We have finally found some time to bring this more up to date.  We have pictures of a p-day with the elders out at the lake which is just outside of Cruz del Eje; there were horses and cattle just grazing and Norece and I were able to walk up to one of them and pat him; the elders were quite jealous.  A picture of a local fruit and vegetable vender; the Elders who have been able to bless our lives as we have tried to get settled and learn about some of the Saints here in our area;  Sister Yolanda, 85 years old just got baptized on Saturday the 21st and was so touched with the spirit.  She has been searching for the truth for a long time and as had alot of questions for the Elders to answer.  But when she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday she was so emotionally touched that she just wanted to sit there for awhile.
In the neighboring community Capilla del Monte where the Branch President lives there are many saints that desire to come to our Branch meeting but can't afford the bus fare, so President Donoso has been holding meetings in Capilla for the last 3 Sundays; the building they have found to hold these meetings in is shaped just like a big guitar.  It is working for now until a better building can be found.  There will be 3 people baptized this Saturday in Capilla in the river so that ought to be a great experience for those saints.   We love all of you and send our love.  We are doing Great!!

January 23 Coltt's Birthday